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History of the HOA

Eagleridge Estates Homeowners Association of Pueblo, Inc. (hereinafter, the “HOA”) is a Colorado nonprofit corporation incorporated on February 19, 2002.  The purpose of the HOA is to operate the the Eagleridge Estates community in compliance with the legally binding agreement for maintenance of the community entered into between its developer and the City of Pueblo when the community was approved for development, while promoting the health, safety, welfare and other common benefit of its residents.

In November, 2001, ERE, LLC, the developer of the Eagleridge Estates subdivision, entered into the aforementioned legally binding agreement with the City of Pueblo (Declaration of Covenants Concerning Tracts for Private Drainage and Drainage Detention Easements and Tracts for Landscape and Pedestrian Purposes for Eagleridge Estates), in return for which the developer was allowed to proceed with the development of the neighborhood each of us now lives in and calls home.  In summary, this agreement required the developer to incorporate the HOA, provide for funding of HOA responsibilities through establishment of annual HOA assessments (dues), and prepare a document defining the conditions, covenants, restrictions and easements (CC&Rs) each homeowner must agree to comply with before purchasing their home in the community.

The Eagleridge Estates Community

The Eagleridge Estates community is comprised of 267 residential lots, 265 of which have been built on, and 2 that remains undeveloped.     

HOA Properties & Responsibilities

The HOA holds title to 11 separate parcels of property within Eagleridge Estates, totaling 551,620 square feet (12.66 acres), and is responsible for the landscape maintenance of those parcels, as well as on other non-owned easements (e.g. Eagleridge Parkway medians).  The landscaping responsibilities include care of approximately 170 trees, hundreds of bushes, a mile of irrigation lines w/ related equipment, and several acres of grass and xeriscape.   In addition, the HOA is responsible for maintenance and upkeep on 3,500 linear feet of walkways, curbs & handicap ramps, the storm water drainage system (above ground channels and detention ponds), the Eagleridge Estates monuments signage, and a 700 foot retaining wall. 

Individual Homeowner Responsibilities

Each homeowner in Eagleridge Estates was made aware of, and agreed to abide by the legally binding covenants and restrictions of the HOA at the time they purchased their residence.  Each homeowner also agreed to pay their annual HOA assessments on a timely basis. If you would like to review the disclosure notifying you that you were buying a property subject to CC&Rs, look for the following or similar language in your Title Insurance Commitment:  “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements recorded April 12, 2002 at Reception No. 1434521 and Supplemental Declaration thereto recorded July 24, 2007 as Reception No. 1735101. Amended Notice recorded March 29, 2011 at Reception No. 1871223. Amended Notice recorded June 28, 2013 as Reception No. 1947578”

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Eagleridge Estates
Development Parcel Map

The areas highlighted in green are the land owned by the HOA, and for which it is solely responsible for maintenance.  Most of the HOA-owned properties, excluding Tracts B,C, F and J, are sodded areas, w/ irrigation systems.  Tracts B,C, and J have been left unimproved and require 3x/year minimum mowing to control weeds.

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